Copyright Take Down Request is dedicated to our community. We proudly showcase fan-designed custom products globally. While we rigorously vet designs, we acknowledge the potential for misrepresentation. If any content on our site belongs to you, and you can verify it, we’ll promptly remove it within 24 hours, giving you due credit.

Intellectual Property Laws Overview:

  • Copyright Law: Protects original expressions like artwork, photos, or literary works.

  • Trademark Law: Safeguards identifiers like words, symbols, or logos indicating the source of goods.

  • Publicity Rights: Defends an individual’s name, image, and likeness, preventing unauthorized commercial use.

To Report Infringement:

If you believe your rights are violated, send a Notice and Takedown Report to, including:

  • Link to the infringing item
  • Proof of your artwork (webpage, etc.)
  • Your Name & Contact Info

Title the email: TAKEDOWN REPORT